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St. Barnabas Orthodox Orphanage and school has 274 children that it cares for. Most are boarded with foster homes, each of varying quality. Only 25 boys live at the orphanage. Most of the children are orphans (109) – meaning that their parents are dead, or abandoned them, or do not have the ability to care for them. Some of the homes treat the children as free labor, and with so many homes, there could be worse things. It is very hard to know, because there is very minimal supervision by the state.
Because of these children, and the danger they are in, in cooperation with “Orthodox Africa”, we plan to build a Dormitory, on land the Orphanage has purchased, and dug a well on. This land was formerly used as a school, so the buildings for the classes are there. Fr Methodius JM Kariuki estimates that the building of a dormitory to house 180(!) children will cost at the most, $45,000. This amount is not large in the West, and some people have pickup trucks that cost more than this! It is a king’s ransom in Kenya.

We have come up with an idea – a “FOUNDER” of the orphanage dormitory is one who sponsors a child, for $250. We need 180 founders to build the Dormitory. Anyone who gives any other amount is a “DONOR”, and Fr Methodius JM Kariuki (Rector) and Priest Seraphim Holland (Texas) have promised that we would commemorate all FOUNDERS and DONORS and their immediate family (spouse, children), whether living or dead, at every liturgy – in South Kinangop, Kenya, and McKinney Texas USA, in perpetuity.

Time is not money here – it is safe or unsafe children.

The less time we take to finish this project, the sooner more children will be safe. Children need to be safe, and have enough food to eat, and have companionship and role models, and to be taught the Orthodox Christian faith. Every day without a dormitory will be a dangerous day for one of these children, as well as the others we do not yet know, because there is no room to take care of them and teach them. Please join hands with us. donate and pray for us

Fr Methodius JM Kariuki – Director of Saint Barnabas Orphanage and Education Center

Orthodox Mission Kenya

Biographical Information

As the Director of Saint Barnabas Orphanage and Education Center, Father Methodius (John M.) Kariuki supervises and provides the education and well-being of 274 children ages 3 To 16 years.

Born to a peasant family with 13 siblings, he completed his primary and secondary education in 2000. He completed his Theological education at Makarios Seminary in 2007. After completing his studies at Maasai Mara University with a Bachelor of Science in Education focusing on Early to Middle Childhood Education, he has gone on to be a Master’s student currently focusing on Educational Administration.

Following his initial studies, relocating to South Kinangop, he worked as a clerk with National Pipeline and Sewerage Cooperation of Kenya and Image Studios as a sales executive.
During that time, he began evangelizing in Kinangop and founded a child care center, which later developed into Saint Barnabas Orphanage and Education Center.

In July 2010 Father Methodius was ordained to the Diaconate and to the priesthood in November of the same year.

As the Chairman of the Kenyan Orthodox Africa Board, he helps facilitate the implementation of projects by missions under the Orthodox Africa initiative and serves as the Kenyan representative to the Orthodox Africa American Board of Directors.

Presvitera Everlyne Kariuki Organizing books in st Barnabas Orphanage Library

He and his wife, Presvitera Everlyne Kariuki, are blessed with four children; three sons, Blessings Kariuki, Panteleimon Kariuki and Daniel Kariuki as well as a daughter, Christine Kariuki.

“I look forward to seeing the Kenyan Orthodox Church becoming self sustaining in the near future, one mission at a time,” says Father Methodius.

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