After the divine liturgy today, we visited our new property. This is a great achievement for the orphanage through your donations.
After acquiring a property for the orphanage, we are now praying that soon we shall be able to get funds to develop it.
We really want to move into the new property. But, we need to drill a borehole to supply water to the orphanage and community around the orphanage. We need a total of 31,000 USD  (DONATE) to complete the water project. Please donate and ask a friend do do the same for this water project.
Also do not forget the feeding and education program in the orphanage. All these depends on your large or little donations that you make through our website. 94% of all donations will go directly to the intended purpose. Please find it worth in your heart to donate some amount.
Follow the link below www.orthodoxmissionkenya.org/get-involved to make your donations. If you need more information please contact me on messenger or this email info@orthodoxmissionkenya.org
God bless you. Amen.
In Christ Service,
Fr Methodios JM Kariuki,
Director ST Barnabas Orphanage and School
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