“………………..If an alarm clock rings in our room it can awaken you but it cannot drag you out of bed. Whether you get up or go back to sleep depends entirely upon you…………………….”

Few people like alarm clocks. They disturb our sleep, and yet, though we dislike being disturbed, we set the alarm. Why? Because each day we have new work to do, new opportunities to possess. And unless we are disturbed we will sleep our chances away. In describing the Transfiguration of Jesus, St. Luke writes, “When they were fully awake, they saw His Glory” (Luke 28). We must be fully awake mentally and spiritually if we are to see and share in God’s glory.

Kenyan Orthodox Clergy

Sometimes Jesus is like a divine alarm clock. He disturbs our conscience. He keeps us from being satisfied in some unsatisfactory life, because He has a better way for us to live. He makes us dissatisfied with the good because He wants us to have the best. He shakes us out of our complacence because He has mountains for us to climb with wider and wider horizons.

What response are we to make to this disturbing Christ? When our Lord awakens us, what are we to do about it? This is the big question. It is not ours to decide whether we shall or shall not be disturbed. He disturbs whether we like it or not. But it is ours to decide what we shall do once we are disturbed. If an alarm clock rings in our room it can awaken you but it cannot drag you out of bed. Whether you get up or go back to sleep depends entirely upon you. All Jesus can do is disturbing us. This He does in a thousand ways. But having done this, He leaves the rest to us.



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