So painful to a mother while at the same time bringing Glory to God!?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your support and donations to St Barnabas orphanage and school in Kenya.

I wish to bring back to your attention the plight of these two severely disabled brothers. When I think about them and the whole family, nothing else comes to my mind other than compassion. There are possibly not many other things that are so painful to a mother while at the same time bringing Glory to God. I try to figure out how this mother feels a mixture of pain and praise. There are many women out there without a child, they pray every day to be blessed with one . She has two children. They are a blessing, yet they are a lifetime burden for her. Because of the children’s disabilities, her husband abandoned her. They have become the source of a social stigma to her. She has sons, yet she is lonely. They can’t communicate with real words; only a familiar sound.

Lord, have mercy on this family.

Do you find it worthy, in your heart-of-hearts, to enable me take to this family the Christian love that they deserve? If so, please follow the link below and send a donation. With them, and by the Grace of God, I will visit this family every last weekend of the month. It’s my wish to take food items that may last a good part of the month of following month . Please donate now. God bless you.

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