Should I say YES or NO to them ?

Earlier today these four children came to my house accompanied by no adult. The following conversation occurred:

Abbah: What do you want!

Children: We want you to help us get education.

Abbah: Why? I see you are wearing a school uniform from a school I know.

Children: The school sent us home for tuition money. Our Grandmother said she has no money

[for it].

Abbah: How much is the tuition money? If I pay it for you, will you go back now?

Children: No. We want to come to your school.

Abbah: Why?

Children: Our Grandmother give us[only] a little food in the evening. Breakfast is only tea and nothing for lunch. The children who go to your school tell us you give them food. We want to come to your school so that we can eat and read more books.

Abbah: Why are you staying with your grandmother? Where are you parents?

Children: Our mother died sometime back and left us with our father. Our father was arrested and imprisoned for life. We came to stay with our grandmother. Our father left our mother alone. Our mother later died. We are left with our grandmother.

Abbah: Who showed you my house?

Children: We went to your school and were told you are at home. We asked around. People directed us.

Abbah: Hmmmmmmm… no more questions.

A photo with the children who approached me in my house

I fed them breakfast and took a photo of them. Then I told them to return on Sunday for church and we discuss their situation more fully. This is the first time I have been approached directly for help by a group of children. Something tells me I need to get more information about them and their situation. I don’t know these children. But, they kissed my hand as I greeted them! That tells me they are in contact with children from the humble ministry to which God has appointed me. If their story turns out to be true, I have no option than to take up the burden of four more children. What these children do not know is their story moved me to tears. After they left, I ran into my room to prevent them seeing me weep. When I shared this story with friends on Facebook, two of them commented. They reminded me to “bring them into the Church and give them the Most Holy Theotokos as their Mother and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as their Father, upon Whom they may depend when all else fails.” And “They were sent to you by the Lord, and He knows your compassionate heart. I know that you can barely feed and clothe the children you have under your care now, but the Lord will provide the means because your faith is strong.”

A photo taken on Sunday after they came to church. The boy was home very sick

My faith is weak. The burden is heavy. Please pray for these four children. They might soon be part of St Barnabas Orphanage and School in Kenya. How will I feed four more mouths? I believe God will touch to DONATE to my humble ministry






In Christ service,

Fr Methodius JM Kariuki