“How God spoke to me in the midst of Tribulation”

“God does not promise us an easy path. Sometimes the path has small stones that are a nuisance. Other times the path is covered in large stones and pricking thorns, which makes the walking all the more difficult. This past week my path has been worse than the latter one.

I have been feeling the pressure of the high price of food and the lack of enough funds. That feeling has been nothing compared to the second pressure and problem that has befallen me; contracting Chicken pox.

A day After I started to recover. The blisters are very painful and Itchy.

My entire body, including my mouth, head, face and feet are covered in itching, weeping blisters. I am feverish, immobilized and quarantined. I have had to delegate all my responsibilities to others. I cannot risk infecting others. Thanks be to God I can at least sit to read, pray, eat and drink, though I cannot allow my back (or front) to touch anything because the pain is so great.

In this tribulation God has allowed to humble me, I have learned that no blanket, no bed sheets or no mattress is as good as the skin that God has gave us. Falling asleep without any of those is possible. It is impossible to sleep without healthy skin.

In my misery God speaks to me. He is teaching me humility and dependency on Him. He has allowed this suffering so my empathy increases for others who suffer. God is not punishing me but is teaching me to pray in the midst of pain.

Saint Porphyrios says, “When we pray continually, God will enlighten us as to what we must do in each situation, even the most difficult. God will speak in our heart. He will find ways.”

In this time of tribulation, God is teaching me that He will find a way for me through these hard times of high prices food and physical discomfort. I need to trust Him for all things.”

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In Christ service,

Fr Methodius Jm Kariuki