The Power of Your Words

Most are the time we get what we say our words becomes self-fulfilling prophecies. If you allow your thought to defeat you give to negative ideas through your words, your actions will follow suit.

That is why we should be careful of what we say our words has tremendous power, and whether we want to or not, we will live to what we’re saying either good or bad.

Many people in our days lives because of their words. They say things such as:

  • Nothing good ever happens to me
  • “I will never be successful.”
  • “I don’t have what it takes, I can’t do it.”
  • “I will never get out of this mess”

Some people call even themselves name e.g. I am good for nothing which are words which pave way for failure.

Words are similar to seeds by speaking them loud, they are planted in our subconscious minds, and they take on a life of their own; they take root, grow and produce fruit of the same kind. If we speak positive words our lives moves into that direction. Similarly negatives words produce negatives/poor results as the bible say we reap what we sow.

There is truly is power in your words. We have to be particularly careful about what we say during times of adversity or hardship when things aren’t going our way.

To get through a tough time quicker and with better results, we must learn to speak positively as possible.


By: Fr. Clement Muniu