We are very pleased about the results of this fundraiser! On Facebook about $30,000 was raised, but to this total must be added over $30,000 that was also donated through our church in Texas. Therefore the final totals, which I will be trying to get very soon, are that the fundraiser raised, I think around $62,000. This is an ever-changing number, as people are still sending money to our church. Every penny that is sent to our church is sent to Orthodox Africa for the dormitory.

Architectural design of the whole St Barnabas Orthodox mission complex (magnifying it will reveal the Dormitory sections that are to be built soon) (we need 438,000$ US more to complete the whole mission complex)

I am going to make good on my promise to record every name that has been given to us to be prayed for in the permanent dormitory diptychs. Fr Methodius (Abbah JM Kariuki) and I commemorate everyone at every Divine Liturgy. We will do this for the rest of our natural lives.

I’m a little behind at this, but I assure you that with God’s help, I will catch up. If you have any reason to think that I forgotten your names or that you have not submitted names, please send them to me.

If you send us names, please help us a little by sending all the names of you, your spouse and your children or a couple others of your immediate family. Some people have sent us 50 or 60 names, and the list is very very large.

The best thing to do is send them by email. One of the problems of assembling so many names is that they’re coming from multiple sources, such as Facebook Messenger, comments to Facebook posts, WhatsApp, email, postal letters, and probably something else that I canot think of right now.

May God bless all of the alms givers to this dormitory.

Children playing at The current rented premises of St Barnabas Orphanage and School

Please, of your charity continue your alms giving by remembering to pray for father Methodius and the dormitory and the orphanage in your daily prayers. In this way, we will always be praying for each other. We will be connected by prayer even if we are thousands of miles away from each other in various countries all over the world. Click here to make a monthly donation online


Priest Seraphim Holland

To contact St Barnabas Orphanage and school write to father Methodius

Email: info@orthodoxmissionkenya.org